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Státní maturita z angličtiny 2018 - Online test

Didaktický test z anglického jazyka online. Přečtěte si tvrzení a pravidla pobytu pro obyvatele vysokoškolské koleje ve Waterfordu. Na základě informací v textu rozhodněte, zda jsou tvrzení pravdivá (Ano), nebo nepravdivá (Ne).

To make everyone’s life in the hall of residence during the academic year as comfortable and safe as possible, please follow these rules:

Every resident receives a resident ID card which also serves as a key to the building of hall of residence. We advise you to check that the main entrance door closes behind you when you enter or leave. Please show your resident ID card to the receptionist when asked. The ID card also serves as a key to your room, but make sure you never leave it unlocked. Residents must not lend their ID resident cards to anyone, including guests.
Residents can have visitors in their rooms during the day and overnight as well. A book for guests is kept at reception where the receptionist will ask your guest to provide his/her name, your room number, your name and the date of his/her departure, which the receptionist will write down in the guestbook. After your guest is signed in, you are free to pick him/her up.
Guests of residents in single rooms may stay for up to three nights without any permission. Residents in double rooms may have an overnight guest only with their roommate’s permission. All residents who plan to receive guests in any room for more than three nights must request permission by e-mail from the hall of residence management at least one week in advance.

Kitchens – Access is not time-limited. On Friday evenings, any dirty plates and other dirty dishes anywhere in the kitchen will be put in the outside bins by the cleaning service. So wash your dishes if you don’t want to lose them!
All food kept in the fridge must be in plastic containers. Make sure you put the date on them. The date should say when you put the food in. Putting your name on them is not required. Every month, the cleaning service throws away any food not in a plastic container and plastic containers without a date.
To recycle, use the coloured recycling bins located in each kitchen. We ask you to take special care with used cooking oil – it always goes into a recycling bin. Please never pour it into the kitchen sink! Unless you want to use the used cooking oil again, put it in a jar or a tin and put it into the black recycling bin.

Library – Open every day from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. You can study from the books in the library but please note that borrowing them is not possible. Access is free for residents. Guests of residents also have free entry. Other visitors must pay £1/hour.

Computer room – All the computers here are available non-stop. Access to the computer room, as well as using the computers, is free. However, we charge 60 pence an hour between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. The computers are busy all the time, so it is necessary to have a reservation. Entry to the computer room is allowed only for ID resident card owners. Please note that the ID resident cards cannot be lent to anyone, including guests.

Laundry room – Three washing machines are available daily. With only a limited number of washing machines, we demand that you make a reservation at reception. The limit is one wash per person per day.

STAYING OVER SUMMER Once the academic year is over, apart from residents from abroad, residents are asked to leave as the rooms will be offered to tourists and other guests.

Otázky k testu:

1) Otázka č.1. A resident’s ID card opens his/her room as well as the main entrance door.

2) Otázka č.2. Residents must write down information about their visitors in the guestbook at the reception.

3) Otázka č.3. Residents in double rooms need permission from the management for their guest staying one night.

4) Otázka č.4. Once a week, all the unwashed plates in the kitchen will be taken away.

5) Otázka č.5. Plastic containers in the fridge must have the residents’ names on them.

6) Otázka č.6. Residents must put cooking oil into a black bin after each use.

7) Otázka č.7. In the afternoon, use of the library and the computer room is free of charge for residents.

8) Otázka č.8. To use a PC and a washing machine, residents have to book them first.

9) Otázka č.9. Guests of residents can enter the library and the computer room.

10) Otázka č.10. Some residents can stay at the hall of residence over summer.

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