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Online test z angličtiny - A1

Read the text. Are the sentences true (yes) or false (no)?
Level: A1

Hi! I am Nina and I am from Paris in France. I am a bus driver. My boyfriend, Francis, is a waiter. The restaurant is in the centre of Paris. Francis is from Lyon. We are not married. I am 28 and Francis is 29. My address is 41, rue Victoire, Paris, and my telephone number is 01 579 874.

Otázky k testu:

1) Otázka č.1. Paris is in France.

2) Otázka č.2. Nina is from Paris.

3) Otázka č.3. Francis is from Paris.

4) Otázka č.4. Nina is a waiter.

5) Otázka č.5. Francis is a waiter.

6) Otázka č.6. Francis is 28.

7) Otázka č.7. Nina is 28.

8) Otázka č.8. The shop is in Lyon.

9) Otázka č.9. Francis and Nina are not married.

10) Otázka č.10. The telephone number of Nina is 01 579 874.

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