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Online státní maturita z angličtiny

Maturita z angličtiny online.Přečtěte si článek o národních parcích. Na základě textu vyberte k úlohám vždy jednu správnou odpověď.

National Parks

When people think of a national park, they usually think of a relatively large area of land protected by the government of its natural beauty, plants, or animals. In some cases governments also want to protect regions of historic importance. A park is called “national” because the area has special for the whole nation.

National parks are almost always open to visitors. of them provide outdoor recreation and camping opportunities as well as lectures on the importance of nature preservation. National parks are extremely popular because people can do various things there. About 60% of people visit parks to the scenery and landscape, which makes it the main reason for to a national park. Some visitors go there to see wild animals and plants that can’t anywhere else, to relax, or to take part in an outdoor activity as hiking, cycling, mountaineering and canoeing.

The very first national park in the world was Yellowstone National Park; it was opened back in 1872 and since then the number of parks greatly. Today there are about seven thousand national parks on our planet. Yosemite National Park, the Grand Canyon National Park and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are the most visited. Number one is the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. More than 10 million people year come to this park to admire its beauty.

tourism creates jobs and money for the people living in or near national parks, it also brings traffic, erosion and problems. Local people are worried the increasing numbers of tourists in the parks and the tons of rubbish they leave behind. Ecologists complain that there are limits on the number of cars coming into the parks. According to local people and ecologists, governments should pay attention what is happening in the national parks, and daily limits on visitors and cars entering the parks should be set.
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