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Online cvičení na porozumění anglického testu.

Read the text and answer the questions.
Level: A1

Hello, my name is Chris Rock. I am married. The name of my wife is Lisa. She is a teacher, and I am a dentist.
We have two children - one daughter and one son. Their names are Mary and Alex. They are both students at the High School. Mary is fourteen and Alex is twelve. We have a cat, Scratch.
Mary has a lot of DVDs. Her favourite movie is Titanic. Alex is a fan of the music group Coldplay.
We have a flat in New York. It is very nice. It is close to the city centre.

1 What is Chris´s daughter´s name?
2 What is his son´s name?
3 What is his wife´s name?
4 What is his wife´s job?
5 What is Chris´s job?
6 How old is Mary?
7 How old is Alex?
8 What is Mary´s favourite movie?
9 What is Alex´s favourite music group?
10 Where is Chris and Lisa´s flat?
11 What is their cat´s name?
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